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Cross Renovation in Swiatkowa Mala and Welka

For years, OOL has been helping to repair, restore and preserve the Lemko heritage in two well-known villages in the Lemko region – Svyatkova Mala and Svyatkova Velyka. We have financially supported the repair and restoration of the facades of both churches, the purchase of new church gates, the restoration of icons, and more:

2018_Thanks from the residents of Svyatkova Mala and Velyka
2015_Request from the Church Restoration Committee
2014_Thanks for helping to repair the church in Svyatkova Velyka
2014_Request from the Church Reconstruction Committee
2012_Request for help in restoration

We are now raising funds for the restoration and reconstruction of old grave crosses in the churchyard cemeteries of the two above-mentioned villages.

Our immediate intervention is necessary so that we do not lose what can still be saved today. Please contribute to our effort.

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