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“Book of the Deported” by Eugene Misilo

The unforgettable tragedy of the Lemkos – their forced deportation from their native lands still remains inadequately documented. Doctor of History, scientist and researcher Yevhen Misylo is working on a book listing the NAMES of ALL the Lemkos evicted by Operation Vistula to the so-called recovered German lands of Poland after World War II.

Eugene Misilo, from a letter of thanks to OOL for support:

“Thanks to your financial help, I was able to begin work on the Book of the Emigrants, the first volume of which will contain the names of tens of thousands of Lemkos deported in 1947 by Operation Vistula.” I hope that it will be a worthy continuation of the famous work of Mrs. Yaroslava Halyk “Memory Books of Lemkivshchyna” dedicated to the deportations from the Lemko region to the USSR (1944-1946), which was also sponsored by the Lemko Research Foundation (LRF).”

Thanks from Yevhen Misylo to OOL for supporting his projects

From the collection of 8,000 photographs of Lemkos from Kennkarte (German identity cards) uncovered by E. Misilo:

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