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Order family-specific information of Lemkos resettled from Poland to Soviet Ukraine

How to order information about a family who was resettled from Poland to Soviet Ukraine during the years 1944 – 1946:

Send an email to: ​ with:

  1. Surname (family name) and first names of the persons you are researching
  2. The name of the village and county (powiat) in Poland from which they were removed (sometimes villages with the same names existed in different counties)
  3. Whether you would like the information in the original Ukrainian or translated into English (Please note that the cost of the original Ukrainian is $10 per family or $20 per village and the translation into English will depend on the amount of text.)

Within a few days you will  receive a response – if we find the information you are seeking,we will ask you to please forward payment via Paypal or credit card, and the pdf file will be sent to you. The page will contain:

  • the names,
  • years of birth,
  • familial relationships
  • and the region (oblast) of Ukraine, to which the family was resettled.

Here, for example, is the Ukrainian-language page that includes the Kotsur/Kocur family, resettled from Labova village in Novyi Sanch county. Four family members were resettled to the Poltava oblast: father, mother and two daughters, born in 1905, 1920, 1938 and 1942.

Example of Ukrainian-language page that includes the Kotsur-Kocur family.

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