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OOL Virtual Koliada 2022

Happy Holidays! In the spirit of traditional Christmas Caroling, OOL would like to share with you its “Virtual Koliada” — a 20 minute fundraising video (in Ukrainian with English subtitles). Please enjoy these carols, poems, and many blessings from our members. All donations will benefit the preservation of Lemko heritage. Kindly click the “Make a Donation!” button…

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The new Lemko Museum

The new Lemko Museum, which is being built in the Lemko Village in Monastyryske, Ternopil Region, promises to be the largest existing one in Ukraine. The Organization for the Defense of Lemkivshchyna is committed to help this project and encourages others to as well. Follow the links below for more information, including a request for…

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Book on Lemko Clothing

OOL is supporting the work of Jurij Starzynski from Legnica (Poland), who is currently working on a unique book dedicated to Lemko folk clothing.  See the letter below for more information. Mr. Starzynski has dedicated his life to preservation of Lemko culture and recently contributed to the book series published by the SOKÓŁ Małopolska Culture Center…

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