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With Ukraine in our Hearts


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Selecting a program of Ukrainian Studies in Polish Teacher’s College in Szczecin (1957-1963) was not an easy or popular path for Ukrainian students. Who were these men and women who were doomed for Polonization, these idealists, who in spite of all obstacles were unafraid to openly attend a school of Ukrainian studies? The collection of works in this book With Ukraine in our Hearts provides personal insight on events, people and the times themselves. The authors themselves are the last witnesses of “Operation Wisla”, the forced resettlement of Ukrainians from Poland. They write first- hand about their tribulations living in constant fear and persecution in both Zakerzonnia and in the Polish exile, after WWII. The book delves into the graduate’s contributions in the cultural and intellectual lives of Ukrainians in Poland. Their memoirs highlight the importance of an education in Ukrainian studies in the Ukrainian community, written by various authors in Ukrainian and partly in Polish languages.

This book is an important document in the area of Polish-Ukrainian relations.

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Nicholas Dupliak


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